Landscape Design Consultations

Full Circle Landscaping DOES NOT do installations

After your design is finished you will be able to install it yourself, or if you’d prefer an installation professional we can refer you to qualified landscapers who will work with you. At this point you will work directly with them, or I can manage the installation.

Below are some of the steps that come with hiring a professional landscape firm:

  • Assessment of the site – will the plant you want to install survive in the spot you’ve chosen?
  • Preparation – removal of existing plant material, soil tests and amending the soil as needed.
  • Planting – according to the most recent planting techniques available
  • Mulching – Bark mulch, compost and wood chips are the most common mulches. Mulch keeps soil temperatures steady, weeds are fewer and those you get are easier to pull. It also helps retain moisture.