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A variety of landscape design services are available from Full Circle Landscaping. Often, after discussing a client’s needs, a quick sketch on location is enough to work from but if a more detailed rendering, including plant lists and more detailed drawings are necessary we can do that too. Fees vary with the size of each project.



The process of installing can include all or part of the following list:

  • Assessment: This considers soil type, the availability of light, traffic patterns, final size of each plant
  • Preparation of the site: Removal of old plants or sod, amending the soil with loam and/or compost
  • Arrangement and planting: Setting up the plants and assessing the plan from all angles before planting
  • Mulching: This helps to reduce weed growth and retain moisture.


Full Circle Landscaping does scheduled (or one-time) weeding, deadheading, splitting perennials, transplanting and pruning for many clients on a weekly or bi-monthly timetable.


Whether its compost, bark mulch, or wood chips, mulch helps retain moisture, reduce weed growth and regulate soil temperatures.