My Design Process

My work is informed by your life style and the site itself. I want to engage you in the process as much as you’d like to be. Whether you live outside, or are mostly an inside being – we all look out the window for the view, a sun set or a flock of birds. All of your landscape decisions contribute to how you live on your land and in your house.

This process of designing – one garden bed or a whole property – starts with a phone call and me listening. When we meet on site I ask a lot of questions but again, just do a lot of listening and observing. Once I know the scope of the work I can tell you pretty closely what it will cost to get a design in your hands. It can go from quick Back-of-the-Napkin sketches to color renderings with plant lists


A variety of landscape design services are available from Full Circle Landscaping. Often, after discussing a client’s needs, a quick sketch on location is enough to work from but if a more detailed rendering, including plant lists and more detailed drawings are necessary we can do that too. Fees vary with the size of each project.